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Young Adulthood

The final paper for this course requires a selection of a particular stage in lifespan development. Select one of the following developmental stages: Prenatal Early Childhood Middle Childhood Adolescence Young Adulthood Middle Adulthood Older Adulthood After selecting a stage, you will be required to describe and analyze the following: Developmental theories specific to this life stage (example: Erikson’s conflict for the stage you select). Physical, emotional, and psychological changes commonly occurring during this time. Challenges frequently encountered in this life stage (cite sources for your responses here). Cultural influences on human development specific to this stage. How can a biblical worldview be applied to your selected stage? Reflect on your own experience in this life stage (or, if you have not yet experienced it, your expectations of what you may encounter based on the research you have done). Please conclude with a summary of your learning on the topic and the main ideas included in your paper. Your paper should be a five- to six-page, APA-formatted paper (in addition, include title and reference pages) with a minimum of five scholarly (peer-reviewed) references (including your textbook). Scripture integration is expected. PS: This paper should be 5-6 pages (not including the cover & reference page), formatted in APA, minimum of five scholarly sources (including the textbook) as well as scripture.


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