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W. B. Yeats – Poetry Yeats represents non-human nature

Please complete number 2. W. B. Yeats – Poetry Yeats represents non-human nature (animals, seasons, bodies of water, insects, the sun) in a range of different ways across his poems, and to different effects. More often than not, however, his poems focus more immediately on very human-centred questions and anxieties, e.g. youth and age, politics, the nature of human progress, tradition versus modernity. With reference to two (2) of the prescribed poems, and drawing on two (2) keywords to assist in your analysis, examine how Yeats explores questions concerning human experience through representations of non-human nature. You must identify the human-centred theme in the poems you select. As well as exploring the themes in general, your answer should comment specifically on relevant formal features of each poem, e.g. figurative language, structure, rhythm, meter, and diction in so far as they are relevant to the way the poems treat the particular theme(s).


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