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Use of Psychosocial Theories in Nursing.

 In an interdisciplinary field such as nursing, differing perspectives often contribute to greater understanding and fulfillment of a patient’s needs. Take a minute to think about how this relates to the theoretical foundations of nursing. How do theories from various fields inform nursing practice?  For this Discussion, you will explore how social and behavioral theories apply in a clinical setting by analyzing a case study. To prepare: With information from this week’s Learning Resources in mind, reflect on the influence of sociological and behavioral factors on health. Read the case study of the woman admitted for a mastectomy presented on page 328, #3 of the course text Theoretical Basis for Nursing. Consider which concepts from sociological and/or behavioral theories could be used in nursing practice for addressing the patient’s health care needs. Conduct additional research as necessary using credible websites and the Walden library. Also consider how these theories are used in your own clinical practice.  Post a cohesive response that addresses the following: What concepts from the various theories could be used in planning the 65-year-old woman’s care? How might her care be changed if the woman were 25 years old or 45 years old? How have social psychology theories been used in promoting breast cancer awareness? Provide at least one example to support your response. How have social psychology theories been used in your clinical practice area? Provide at least one example to support your response. 


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