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Understanding Trauma

Understanding Trauma 

The purpose of this assignment is to examine a particular population affected by trauma and write a paper addressing the areas below. The population I was given between is Child survivors of abuse or Sexual Assault Survivor. 1) Select to write about one a cohort of persons impacted by trauma and/or interpersonal violence. For example: child survivors of abuse, adult survivors of partner abuse, sexual assault survivors, adult survivor of child sexual abuse, survivors of war or natural disasters, survivors of terrorism, survivors of trafficking, and survivors of cumulative (complex) trauma. Describe (using the literature) the dynamics of the cohort’s traumatic experience and effects; what is the biopsychosocial impact? Explore social forces (macro, socio-political, family denial or acceptance) contributing to the experience of the cohort you have chosen. 2) What are examples of myths and misconceptions surrounding the issue of your chosen cohort? Did you or do you hold any preconceived ideas or beliefs about this population? 3) Write a one page case illustration of a person who has experienced this type of trauma. This can be culled from your field work or created from your reading and thinking carefully about the issue. a.) In one paragraph, identify the person’s social supports, strengths, needs, resources, and unique cultural background. b.) Provide your reactions to this case, including countertransference, use of empathy and boundaries within your discussion. I.e. was it difficult to make boundaries? Challenging to empathize? Did you experience countertransference? If hypothetical, discuss what you would anticipate with this client. Additional Instructions: (1.) Spend time thinking about the above issues. (2) Read with breadth and depth. (3) Write clearly using ample references from relevant literature. Do not use internet sites except to download scholarly, professional articles. All literature used should be taken from professional journals or texts. (4) All papers must be typed and use of APA 6th Edition is required. (5) Proofread papers before submitting them.


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