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Understanding the Design of Your Company

ee pg. 226: “Understanding the Design of Your Company. Given the current structure of your chosen org., decide whether a redesign (organizational structure change) would help your organization compete more effectively, or reach its mission and values more successfully. Think about reporting relationships and how departments need to work together and report to leadership. Your org chart that you retrieved helps you to see the current structure. Now, you must consider what the functions and vision are for the organization and if its structure should change to achieve results. Apply the cultural tenets learned and the grounds and warrants’ principles discussed in the introduction of the course (critical thinking) to defend your position. Use at least five scholarly references, excluding the text to support your stance. APA format is a must. Paper should be 4 pgs. Make sure you include your organizational chart in an Appendix of your paper. It does not count towards the page count. Ref: Understanding the Design and Organization of Your Company: pgs. 226


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