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The principles of group dynamics and individual roles in an effective team.


Conference Challenge – you are required to complete a 1500 word reflective essay on: The principles of group dynamics and individual roles in an effective team. Your essay should be fully referenced to theory supported with specific examples from your own experience to illustrate the points made; this may include your role within your conference challenge team. The essay should be formatted in the same way as the Special Studies essay, guidelines for which can be found in the Special Studies module handbook. I will attach the handbook for guidelines, the conference challenge was very generic and can get written up by a third party through logic and correct information I will give you an outline of what the challenge consisted and what role i played, you may write and INCLUDE examples you may think I used and should of used as it was not monitored by staff. I will attach a document of what the conference challenge was. I took part in the finances and you could mention group roles and how i played my role and part and so on.. essay emphasized to reference to theory back by specific examples, majority of the essay should include reflecting over the conference challenge however you may use other examples such as the NCS it is a uk based national citizens service which i took part whilst in college in 2016, and you could search that up and find out more about it online and activities we done as a group was gillscrambling, canoeing, fundraising street charity and also similar to the conference challenge we had to pitch an idea to gain an investment our pitch was for homeless awareness and raise it through giving out food in city centre and thus, working as a team. As you can tell it is very uk based and I WANT it to reflect that please do not use american lingo or referencing. again i will attach a document on the essay writing guide. numeric refeerncing to be used to own examples. conference challenge was this year 2019. ncs was 2016 and you can include anything else you can generically make up to be applicable to and relevant to the title however make this essay very conference challenge heavy


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