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As a member of our community, it is our responsibility to take an active part in keeping our environment clean and healthy. Many of the greatest ideas start off with people just like you, brainstorming and thinking about the future. Your next big idea should demonstrate a realistic solution to a global or local environmental issue. You should discuss the issue at hand, and describe what your next big idea will do to help solve this problem. Remember to use scientific evidence to support your idea. BE REALISTIC. You are to create a 2-page proposal. The proposal should answer BOTH of the following questions: – What is YOUR next big idea? Be as specific and convincing as possible. – How does your proposal fall into the grand scheme of global environmental issues we are facing today? In what ways can we contribute to help the environment? The proposal needs to abide by the following guidelines: – Paper should be DOUBLE-spaced, 2 FULL pages (title or cover pages do not count) – Use ‘Times New Roman’ font, 12-point size ONLY – Use the proposal grading rubric to organize your thoughts and to see how it wil be graded – You must fully answer both questions to receive full credit – Use vocabulary you have learned throughout the semester – Be descriptive and thorough in your proposal – Punctuation and grammar will be graded – Identify the main environmental issue you are working on, including as much detail and as many specifics (history, who is affected, why do we have the issue, who is responsible) – To help me visualize your next big idea, you are welcomed to create a drawing or other graphical illustration. It is not required, but it will help me see the big picture. This illustration will NOT COUNT towards your 2-pages. – You must attribute the source of each idea (MLA format) that is not of your own at the end in a works cited or references section.


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