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Summer 2019 The term “Wellness” means engaging in attitudes and behaviors that enhance quality of life and maximize personal potential. Although wellness implies working toward a highly developed level of health, it does not mean that you, the individual, will make the best choice in every situation or that one will achieve “perfect” wellness. Wellness emphasizes the need to take responsibility for engaging in behaviors that develop optimal health. The ongoing process of wellness requires that one will make daily decisions in a number of aspects of one’s health. Because achieving a high level of wellness requires a constant balance and maintenance of all the integrated components, you will be asked to demonstrate this by writing an inventory that encompasses each of the dimensions of the wellness model. (these are: Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Interpersonal ( or Social), Spiritual, and Environmental). You will be required to write the inventory as a conglomeration of the personal assessments from the prescribed list. The inventory should incorporate all of the different areas of your wellness. Because the dimensions of wellness are interrelated, behaviors changed or modified may blend into more than one dimension of your wellness. Be sure to distinguish this by identifying the dimension you tend to impact. To receive the maximum points allowed for the inventory, it should include the following: 1. Name, Section, Date, in the upper right hand corner of the paper. 2. Table of Contents with page numbers on every page including assessments, behavioral profile and plan of change All of the assessments from the prescribed list must be done in order to give you an indication of what your present status might be. To incorporate this, a synopsis (at least ½ page ) needs to be written in a way as to describe how you were placed within the scale Assess yourself using the Self-Assessments: You ONLY need to complete the chapter assessments from the prescribed list. This will elicit a broad application of all the assessments from the text and give a much clearer picture of your status. Complete all the Self-Assessments. Please report how the assessment placed you into a category, if that be the case, and whether this is an accurate or inaccurate assessment of your current status. There is no need to write out the entire assessment. Simply give a ½ page synopsis of the results (numeric value, scale,score, etc.). Be sure to identify which chapter the assessment comes from and the name of the assessment. Do this by using a heading and a separate page for each assessment. If any of the assessments do not apply to you, for example chapter 8,( Why Do You Smoke ? ) and you are not a smoker, please write a ½ with your reasons for not smoking.


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