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 For this paper, choose a quote from Descartes’ meditations that you think is centrally important. Put the quote at the top of the paper. Begin the paper by explaining the quote, and putting it in context. Then, tell me how you weigh in on the issue. Do you agree with Descartes? Disagree? Do you find flaws in his argument, or in the wider context in which you read the statement? Include a section in which you play devil’s advocate, in response to your initial position. What might someone who disagrees with you say about your own argument or reasoning? What strengths does your opposition have, and where are the weaknesses in your own view? Finally, respond to the opposition by directly addressing the critiques that you mentioned. Ultimately, you want to persuade me, you reader, that you have the more reasonable perspective on the issue (either along with or against Descartes). Or, perhaps simply that you have some new, interesting insight to offer on the topic. In that sense, this is an argument paper.


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