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Writing Assignment Instructions: Quantitative Research Appraisal In this assignment, you will be asked to review a quantitative research study. 1. Read the Quantitative Research Article: A Descriptive Quantitative Study on Multi-Ethnic Patient Satisfaction With Nursing Care Measured by the Revise Human Caring Scale 2. Re-read the article and examine it more closely to answer the Appraisal questions. For this assignment, you will critique the quantitative research article. 1. Make sure that it is a research article about a quantitative study. 2. For the critique, you must include mention of all 23 items in the outline of Nieswiedomy, page 297, for Critiquing Quantitative Research Reports. (I will send textbook information through e-mail. Please refer to chapter 20 mostly and partly chapter 7. Please try and fetch the textbook as sending it is difficult for me. Mine is just hard copy.) 3. Each of these items is discussed in the chapter (20) 4. The report must be in APA format and should be 3-5 pages.


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