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Primary source document analysis- read the following primary source document from “the american yawp” textbook: only read the last entry titled “thomas jefferson letter to john holmes” at http://www.americanyawp.com/reader/democracy-in-america/missouri-controversy-documents-1819-1920/ and answer the following questions based on your reading. who is the author of this primary source document? (5 points) where was the author when he/she wrote or spoke this document? (5 points) when was this document written or spoken? (5 points) who is the author writing or speaking this document to? *note: think during the time period it was written/spoken, not present day. (5 points) why did the author write or speak this document at that particular time? in other words, what was his/her purpose for writing/speaking this document? (5 points) monograph reading short answer- choose one (1) of the following questions and answer in 250-300 words, using the assigned chapters from the monograph book a well regulated militia to support your answer. use parenthetical in-text citations to quote or reference the book. for example, (cornell, 23). 1. saul cornell summarizes an argument made by new york governor de witt clinton, “the fundamental right government needed to protect, he argued, was the right of citizens to enjoy their liberty free from the fear created by concealed weapons.” (141-42). how does the story of mattews ward prove clinton’s argument right? 2. according to author benjamin oliver, “this original understanding [of the second amendment’s protection of the right to bear arms] was slowly being challenged by the new view that saw this right in more individualistic terms.” (cornell, 152). explain how the interpretation of the second amendment’s protection of the right to bear arms was changing by the antebellum period. 3. according to minister henry ward beecher, “‘there was more moral power’ in a sharps rifle than ‘in a hundred bibles’.” (cornell, 155). why did beecher say that? what was his views on the second amendment?


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