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1. A Manufacturing Department producing widgets with an internal production rejection rate of 2% and a return within warranty period of 5%. 2. A Service Department with complaints from 7% of its customers. Neither department has detailed records of what the issues are. In your paper, recommend a proposed quality improvement plan based on the COPIS model. The recommendation should include the following: – Build the justification for a quality improvement plan. – Identify several approaches to customer service and describe one more in depth; illustrate the relationship between customer loyalty and output satisfaction. – Design an output-control and measurement approach to improve process performance. – Evaluate different process-improvement and management approaches. – Justify a recommended process-improvement approach. – Develop an input-measurement and management approach. – Develop a supplier-management approach to improve input and supplier quality. – Propose your customer-focused recommendations in your summary or conclusion. You improvement plan must incorporate at least three scholarly sources in addition to the course text.


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