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 You should carry out and report an exercise in quantitative data analysis, using SPSS. The data set you should use will be made available on the VLE. A series of sociological topics are outlined using the available data and your task is to select one topic and conduct a basic quantitative analysis on this topic. Your analysis should include some discussion of relevant published sociological literature around your topic of interest, and will involve the use of descriptive and explanatory statistical analyses to test various hypotheses. You should provide an explanation of the main SPSS procedures used, and copies of relevant parts of the output may be placed in an appendix. The word limit for this assignment (not including appendix) is 2,500 words. Each table and graph used counts as 50 words. SPSS Installation – Goldsmiths University Licensed Folder Please read the documents in the folder above. Further information and where to obtain the current SPSS licence code can be found here: https://www.gold.ac.uk/it/apps/spss/. Please follow the instructions carefully.


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