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Description Oral History Guidelines need add discussion Purpose : The purpose of this paper is to explore one person s ” personal ” history and sense of cultural and social history as well . In so doing , we can further reveal the connections among living experience , cultural legacy , politics history , and the creation and study of literature from different parts of the world . Secondarily this affords the opportunity to incorporate quotation , paraphrase , and summary from a direct , living source , as well as explo English composition complexities related to rhetorical situation Format : Please organize your information into a narrative where you tell ” the story ” of your subject in essay form , using both paraphrase and direct quotation within the paper . You should title your essay and it should be 4 – 6 typed comble – snaced ages ” pages Interviewing : The difficulty with interviewing is deciding what to ask . As a content guideline , please ask questions which lead to responses in these areas Basic : for example , birthplace , family , work , etc . Legacy : questions should address the person ‘ s overall sense of racial , ethnic , nationa uality and ability identity and how that has shaped the person ‘ s life . Is the person a recent immigrant ? Does the person identify with more than one cultural and / or identity affiliation ? Did the person need to learn an additional language ? Does the person still participate in a home country ‘ s tradition that may differ what the person is encouraged to do here ? Does the person identify as LGBTQQI + as a cultural legacy ? Is the person engaged in the disability ? etc witness to Change : Personal , social , historical , etc . This section may be longer if you are interview someone who in a grandparent generation , for example First Generation : you may also want to ask your subject about being the first generation in their fami oe experiencing certain aspects of their life . Make sure you use some of the information from each of these categories to create the person ‘ s history .


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