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Part A: Research Aim(s) and Literature Review : To set the scene for the Project a 750 word critique of the aim(s) and literature informing the design of this project. Within this you are expected to consider: – – Aim and context of the research -Theoretical Direction for research – Bibliography (not counted in word count) (This is column 1 of the MAHARA page) Part B: Reflections on Research Methods and Data Analysis (25 Marks): this is a 750 word critical evaluation and justification for the research method and data analysis approach for this project. Within this you are expected to consider; – Research Methodology (action research; reflexivity; arts based; auto-ethnographic practices; reflexive dialogic action research) – Method including analysis of personal data (using either a Gibbs cycle or a Gardner Cycle or a JOHARI window) – Personal data sources (a justification of at least 2 personal sources for your research to allow for triangulation) – Critical evaluation of research design – Bibliography (not counted in word count) (this is column 2 of the MAHARA page) Personal Data sources are categorized as follows; – Learning diagnostic Personal Data (e.g. Learning styles questionnaires; team role questionnaires) – Self-awareness diagnostic Personal Data (e.g. personality tests and profiles; Emotional Intelligence Surveys; Social Intelligence Surveys; Testimonies; Values inventory) – Poetics and Creative Personal Data (e.g. poetry; lyrics; proverbs; religious quotations; drawings; photographs) Part C: The Reflexive Practitioner Storyboard  this is the presentation of the analysed personal data in the form of a ‘storyboard’. The storyboard can be presented as either (choose 1 only); – 1500 word Critical Incident Analysis – 1500 word Creative Writing Collage – Video Collage – Audio Collage – List of Sources which have been used to create the storyboard (not counted in word count)


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