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In the Learning Activities, you had a chance to look at not only the historical facts surrounding the first four Crusades, but also saw examples of where these centuries old events continue to frame the current political and religious debates that are at the center of our world. This discussion topic asks you to accomplish two tasks. First, you should identify a figure from the Crusades that you think would be viewed as a heroic or noble by individuals today. They need not be universally perceived in this manner. Indeed, there is a strong chance that making such a selection would be very divisive. Be certain to describe the reasons why you think this individual would be a good choice for such a designation. Provide detailed examples of their actions or accomplishments that led you to make your selection. Second, what impact, if any, do you think the Crusades had in shaping current Christian and Muslim relations today? As you ponder this second question, you need to be certain to cite examples that support your conclusion. You cannot simply state that you think they do or do not matter. Have the central issues that propelled the Crusades changed or been resolved? Why?


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