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 Introduction This document summarizes our analysis of , and contains the following: Static Analysis Dynamic Analysis Summary of Functionality This analysis was performed using the static and dynamic analysis results furnished by Any.Run and VirusTotal. Static Analysis Synopsis of Executable This section contains a summary of the uploaded executable: malware. TODO: Write a paragraph or two summarizing the information below. The file type and file size Compilation date Analysis Date; First Submitted Date; and Last Submitted Date Include an note on how long this malware has been active, and whether you think it’s still a risk. Description of what kind of malware different anti-virus scanners think this malware is Initial Behavior The table below summarizes the initial activity generated by the sample upon upload to Any.Run. Activity Type Count HTTP Requests TODO DNS Requests TODO Connections TODO Files Changed TODO In addition, Any.Run reported the following threats. Name: Description Dynamic Analysis The results below were generated by executing the malware sample on Any.Run’s hosted platform. Process Environment TODO: Write a paragraph summarizing the information below. The user the process runs as Version information Indicators of suspicious activity Network Activity TODO: Write a paragraph summarizing the information below. If the malware makes HTTP requests, explain what those requests were for If the malware makes DNS requests, explain what those requests were for The following table describes the servers that the sample communicated with. Request Type Target Domain Target IP Address Reputation TODO: Write one or two sentences explaining what you think these communications are for. Filesystem Modifications TODO: Write a paragraph summarizing the information below. If Any.Run reports suspicious file modifications, list and summarize them here TODO: If possible, explain what the file modifications are for.


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