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 This essay will be common ground essay. COMMON GROUND ESSAY Example INTRODUCTION The introduction indicates why the topic is interesting, important dedicated to a complex social issue. Some background information about the issue to put your topic in context is needed. Present an overview of both sides of the issue. State your research question (it may change slightly in draft stage):  Present information in a neutral tone detailing the background and importance of the issue:  Present both positions of the issue:   NOTE: The introduction can potentially be up to 3 paragraphs in length. B ODY : Here you will write and support the audience’s position as well as the writer’s position. In order to write a longer essay, you will need to divide the paper into multiple sections. **Each section should have a clear focus; each paragraph within each section should have a purpose; make claims which are supported by research, and sound analysis with commentary as to relevance.  S ECTION O NE : Audience position  S ECTION T WO : Writer’s position  S ECTIONS T HREE : Common Ground  S ECTION F OUR : Solutions for mutual compromise S ECTION O NE Paragraph One:


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