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Industry Analysis Assignment: Cruises In this assignment you will have an opportunity to apply your knowledge of the Porters Five Forces Model. You will apply this model to an industry that you are assigned. Remember to apply the Five Forces Model to the industry. To complete this you will need to learn about the industry. Please use at least two data sources or more to support your reasoning. Cite these at the end of the document or as footnotes to the document. The Industry Analysis Template and Instructions documents are in the files section. You will fill in each of the area of the template using Palatino Linotype Font 12 point font. Do not write more than the space provided but please use all of the space accordingly. Submit via LMS Do not forget to put your name at the top in the header. Grading Rubric This analysis is worth 15 % of your grade total. 1A. Start with an industry overview detailing the full value of the industry, growth trends, and key competitors. This will set the stage for your more in-depth application of Porters Five Forces. 1B. Apply the 5-forces model to your industry. State whether the force’s strength is High, Medium, or Low (or L/M, M/H). Write several sentences on why this is the case and provide evidence where possible. Remember, you will be using an industry that your assigned firm competes in. You are analyzing the industry, not the company. 2. Synthesize across the 5-forces and state why you think the industry is attractive, moderately attractive, or not attractive. Your conclusion must align with your evaluation of the Five Forces or you will not receive credit. 3. Detail one important factor that might affect your conclusion about industry attractiveness. If you think the industry is attractive, discuss a risk that could make it less attractive. If you think it is unattractive, discuss a factor that could make it more attractive. If you think it is in the middle, discuss a factor that could push it one way or the other. Discuss why! Note: The template is to be used for the assignment in the space provided for each item. This to keep you focused on the details. Make sure to state whether the force is High-Medium-Low


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