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 No specific page length requirement but needs all of the following components: 1. Brief topic description, including: a. Problem addressing, with statistics/evidence for the existence of this problem b. The roots/history of how this problem came to be, including specific legislation, policies, or other concrete causal factors c. An explanation of how this problem relates to/causes inequity in education 2. Background about the population(s) who experience this problem as an inequitable barrier in education 3. A preliminary thesis and brief explanation about how you will address this problem (i.e. your solution or preliminary findings regarding possible solutions) 4. Focus Group participants or potential participants (a brief descriptor of who you might have in mind) 5. A Bibliography containing your sources for the project a. At least 3 of your sources must be scholarly journal articles, monographs, government reports, or other scholarly sources. These cannot include the assigned course materials. b. The Bibliography should be formatted according to APA, MLA, or Chicago Manual of Style guidelines; please be consistent with what style guide you use, including with in-text citations for your Final Project


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