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 PACT’s MISSION: World of care is a fully accredited therapeutic and medical childcare center that promotes the social, emotional, physical and educational development of all children, including those with complex health care needs. PACT’s VISION: To provide exceptional holistic care for all children PACT PHILOSOPHY: World of Care supports the holistic development of all children through a play-based and child-directed curriculum grounded in the tenets of the Creative Curriculum: Responsive daily routines; Creating rich and responsive Environments; Supporting Meaningful experiences through exploration and discovery; and Partnering with Families. “I have been doing my internship as teacher assistance, helping the teacher in their daily activities like feeding the toddlers and pre-school children, doing their school activities, playing with them or helping them during OP/PT time. I have also got the chance to go to different facilities like high school to observe and evaluate the daycare facilities with my supervisor. I have also got chance to go to observe at the child life therapy center where I got chance to see one case where one child was brought there who could only say “yes or no but after staying at their facilities he can say what he has in his home, he can also talk to PT/OT very well and follow their instruction. It is very amazing to see all those changes. While working at the Pact, I have learned that I am very passionate about helping the kids with special needs. My supervisor, the school teacher, and the kids have taught me so much. One of the biggest activities/Project I did was planning, organizing the Toy Lending Library where I had some free staffs for the pre-school children to take away, we also had some lending toys for them to lend and bring it back. Plus we had some fliers for IEP children. The main reason we did this project was to build the relationship between the parents and the kids. We also wanted those children to get the staffs they could not have at their home. The project went very well because it involves the parents as well as kids who used their motor skills through (Crayons), their knowledge like what they need for their school by choosing the thing they like, they also show their interest and their intelligence by playing/using the blocks games.”


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