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The conditons in detention centers at the United States boarder are inhumane


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A nuanced and narrowed thesis that explicitly tells us why your cause requires immediate attention and why it should be the topic for essay four. Your essay must support your thesis. An introduction that offers readers strong context Body paragraphs that provide reasons and evidence that support your thesis and claims, are logically organized, and transition smoothly. A sensitivity to the audience; the essay should guide the reader through the argument and anticipate audience questions or objections. Keep in mind that you’re writing for an academic audience. Therefore, the essay must be in third person and should be in a professional tone (refrain from using slang). Quotes, paraphrases, and summaries of at least four academic sources from the MSJC library databases that logically support or help develop your argument A consideration of counterarguments. A conclusion that does not simply restate your thesis but also provides some insight into the larger implications of your argument. 1500 word minimum


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