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Metal pollutants and how they cause chemical pollution


Paper details:

Background and description of the problem/topic—give the historical, legal, political, and ecological context for the problem. 25 points. Includes a clearly articulated thesis statement. 5 points. Provide a thorough review of current research, findings, practices, methods in relation to the problem. 45 points. If competing or varied ideas exist, compare and contrast them Identify and explain the positions of stakeholders in the problem or issue Overall the paper should include a minimum of 6 cited references. The references should originate from reputable sources and should be peer-reviewed. Wikipedia and like websites do not constitute acceptable sources. Take advantage of the Wayland Library website to find articles or books of relevance. If you have questions with respect to the legitimacy of a particular source, please let me know. Use the citation format described by the Journal of Environmental Sciences in your report. (see page 9 of the PDF at this link: Author instructions). 10 points. At minimum, the body of your paper (not including literature cited or any figures or tables) should be 8 pages in length, double-spaced, written in 12 point Times New Roman font with standard page margins. Your paper should also be clearly written with correct grammar. 15 points.


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