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Blurry Vision: In section III of his paper “Representationalism and the Transparency of Experience”, Tye considers a couple related counter examples to the basic representationalist thesis. After explaining the basic representationalist thesis, focus on explaining the objection Tye is here summarizing: “Block asks us to imagine that we are watching a movie screen that fills our whole field of vision. The images on the screen are themselves blurry and look that way. Here Block claims we have clear impressions of blurry images. In the second example, we are reading a program in the movie theater and we then look up at the screen. The images on the screen now may or may not be blurry(as far as we are aware), but we have a blurry impression of them. Block is dubious that the representationalist can capture satisfactorily the difference between having clear impressions of blurry images and blurry impressions of clear images”(Tye 2002, p. 147). After explaining the objection, explain and evaluate Tye’s response. You may rely on other parts of the relevant papers in order to complete the assignment, but do not bring in material from other sources. Include a brief introduction, but there is no need for a conclusion


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