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Policy Analysis Assignment/ ( Pick any policy of the united state) except immigration

Policy Analysis Assignment The Policy Analysis Assignment should meet APA standards with in-text citations and references. The Policy Analysis Assignment should include a minimum of (4) (double-spaced, numbered) pages and no less than 3 scholarly sources. The format of the assignment should include and meet all APA requirements: Introduction ( page); Analysis pages); Conclusion ( page); Reference page. The paper should be organized; each paragraph should flow logically into the next paragraph. Headings and sub-headings should be utilized. Appropriate terminology should be used; writing should be clear and concise. Appropriate font should be used (Times New Roman) and font size (12-point font). The paper should be written in a professional tone. Other items to consider: The paper should demonstrate critical and creative thinking. The paper should demonstrate knowledge of policy analysis. The concluding paragraphs should provide a summary of key points, it should connect to the introduction, and should offer recommendations for policy changes/considerations. In the Analysis section, you are to evaluate and synthesize the factual information. This is the most important part of your paper where I can see your critical thinking rather than what others have written.


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