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Rhetoric in Sports

Texts Reel Baseball by Stephen Wood and David Pincus, ISBN 0-7864-1389-1 Understanding Movies by Louis Giannetti (available online in “Resources”) Stars. Stripes and Diamonds by Marshall Most and Robert Rudd, ISBN 0-7864-2518-0. approximately 2000-3000 words in length each are to be completed. Each essay includes readings from one, two or all three of the texts and screenings of one or more films. Essay 5. Mise en Scene: The Visual Elements the Raging Bull and Rocky After screening the boxing movies Raging Bull (1980) and Rocky (1976), write an essay that systematically and directly applies chapter 2 of Understanding Movies. Your analysis should be based on still frames from both films. You should include a still or stills from each movie for each of the Mise en Scene concepts. Your introduction should refer to the importance of these two films. In preparation for this assignment: read Chapter 2, Understanding Movies; screen Raging Bull and Rocky. The essay should consist of an introduction (which may include a very brief summary of the films), five sections with headers (1. The Frame, 2. Composition and Design, 3. Territorial Space, 4. Proxemic Patterns, and 5. Open and Closed Forms), each concept clearly defined (using Giannetti’s exact words), and a conclusion. As always, a bibliography and filmography are required.


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