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 Recommend the stock of a particular company or corporation to clients for investment purposes


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Starbucks is the company in which you will be investing the funds of your clients for profit sharing. Investigate the company further using the Internet, online databases: Introduction: Provide a brief focus statement on what the reader can expect. Selection of the company: Provide a brief profile of the selected company (Starbucks) , the other companies you considered (Facebook, and Johnson & Johnson) , and the criteria you used in making your decision. Focus on how the criteria helped you select the company you chose, not why you rejected the others. Financial statements: Explain your analysis of the financial statements, including income statements, balance sheet cash flow statement, and the statement of shareholder. Time value of money, opportunity cost of capital, and investment rules: Describe how the selected company adheres to best practices in selecting successful projects through analysis of time value of money, opportunity cost of capital, and investment rules. Show your analysis. Capital budgeting: Show how the company has used capital budgeting analysis to determine revenue enhancement investments, cost reduction investments, and made mandatory investments required by the government. Portfolio analysis, investment, and diversification: Present your analysis of the expected rate of return and volatility and the effect on portfolio diversification. Shareholders’ wealth maximization: Analyze the impact of financial distress, managerial incentives, debt and taxes, and dividend policy on shareholders’ wealth maximization. Capital structure: Evaluate risk, return, and capital structure for valuation purpose under market imperfections Summary: Provide a concluding statement that succinctly summarizes your recommendation and its rationale. Double-spaced pages in length with one inch margins. Be written using Calibri or Arial size 11 font. Include a cover sheet and a table of contents. Follow academic research approaches and APA citation format, including in-text citations and a list of references. Include at least 10 references from academic books, journal articles, and/or credible online sources. Be well-developed and convey your understanding of the readings and concepts. Be organized, coherent, and unified. Be free of spelling, structure, and grammatical errors.


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