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TASK 1. Defining and describing terms For each of the terms below: (a) Define the meaning of each term. It is expected that you will source key references such as the World Health Organisation Health Promotion Glossary (1998, online) and other similar recognised sources for definitions (New Zealand and/or international). Do not use the Te Ara Encyclopedia as a reference. These definitions can be direct quotes from the source. Remember to reference these correctly. (b) Imagine you had to explain the difference between the terms to someone else who wasn’t sure or was confused about their meaning. Describe the differences between each of the terms. These descriptions need to be in your own words. (c) Include in your description any overlaps or interrelatedness of meaning between the terms, and/or any confusion that you encounter between the use and meaning of the terms.

As a guide, you should aim for 400-500 words for each grouping. TERMS Maori Health Promotion (i.e. Te Pae Mahutonga) and WHO-style Health Promotion (i.e. The Ottawa Charter). Public health and health promotion. Community-based health (i.e., IN) and community-driven health (i.e., WITH) TASK 2. ‘Health and wellbeing’ The phrase ‘health and wellbeing’ is often used in the area of health promotion. The fact that the terms ‘health’ and ‘wellbeing’ are used together this way suggests there is a distinction between them and that they are not one and the same. Use at least 3 references including a selection of New Zealand and international literature to make a case for the terms ‘health’ and ‘wellbeing’ as having distinct but interrelated (or overlapping) meanings.Do not use the Te Ara Encyclopedia as a reference.


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