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The purpose of this deliverable is to assist your team members in understanding how to perform their own analysis of the curriculum and to provide them with a unit-sized set of examples of how to mitigate the curriculum’s shortcomings. In this deliverable, you will describe your analysis and present your findings and mitigation description for a single unit of at least three lessons that aligns well with the Common Core standards. If you are not currently teaching, use the curriculum provided in the Supporting Materials section. Begin your analysis with the following: An explanation of your analysis methodology based on current educational research practice that you cite as appropriate A description of each dimension you will use to examine the curriculum; describe (and use) at least five dimensions A clear statement of how the unit you chose fits within the curriculum Next, perform the analysis. From this analysis, select the unit to cover in your deliverable. Consider your studies in the field of education, your content knowledge, and your teaching expertise to help you to determine both which unit to analyze and to generate mitigation strategies. In the unit analysis section of the deliverable, complete the following tasks: Show the alignment of each part of the unit with the Common Core standards (even if your state uses modified Common Core or has not adopted Common Core). Describe and examine each part of the unit with respect to each of the dimensions you identified in the beginning of the analysis. Include all parts, regardless of whether the part satisfies the dimension or falls short. Identify any parts that you believe should be included but are not. Note any parts that you think would be better placed elsewhere. Finally, where you identified and explained shortcomings or gaps in the unit, do the following: Describe how you would modify the curriculum to bridge each gap. Explain why your modification would work. 


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