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Human Resource Considerations foreign locations


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Overview: For this case study, you will read the case study Chinese Multinational Firms in Asia and Africa and use it as the basis for your analysis of human resource management (HRM) strategies when expanding to new, foreign locations. This assignment will help you prepare for Milestone One, which is due in Module Five. Prompt: First, review the required resources in Module Four and the Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric document. In one short paragraph, summarize the main HRM issues in the case. After you write your summary, address the following questions: 1. What role does legal environment play in setting HRM strategies? 2. Do MNCs have an ethical obligation to develop local communities in all instances of global expansion, as was done in the case provided? Explain. 3. How do HRM strategies change based on industry? Consider the requirements for the final project in your response. Note: Your responses must be supported with two additional scholarly references apart from the assigned case and textbook.


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