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Female Immigrant Sex Trafficked Victims and the Role of Mental Health Professionals Play In their Recovery


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Title: Female Immigrant Sex Trafficked Survivors and the role Mental Health Play in their Recovery “Topic Focus: Female Immigrant Victims/Survivors Sex trafficking “ Theme Historical Background of Human Sex Trafficking -Define SEX TRAFFICKING and HUMAN Trafficking, sexual exploitation etc. An overview of sex trafficking and its history and nature- define all terms Supply and Demand: Focus on Female Immigrants, and add some about the global stats of victims Recruitment of Immigrant Women, how are they being recruited? Focus in the United States but also add global stats for a complete overview Immigrant Trafficking Victims ABUSE- a. Physical Abuse b. Psychological Abuse c. Legal Abuse Factors Contributing why they are being trafficked? Focus on Immigrant women Contemplation of Leaving How do they leave? What is the Cycle after they leave? What Role do Mental Health professionals play in their recovery


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