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The Impact of the Internet and Social Media on Culture Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details 1. Identify a debatable issue or problem relevant to your discipline or field of study and your position/stance on the issue—your thesis. 2. Put the issue into context for the intended audience, including the background or the history of the problem and the cause(s) of the problem. 3. Examine the What, How and Why of the issue from multiple perspectives including the opinions, arguments and counter arguments of the stakeholders affected by the issue. 4. Engage directly with the ideas, opinions and recommendations of key figures, experts and/or non- experts associated with the problem. 5. Propose a plan or recommendations based on your research that if executed could help resolve the problem and to what extent. 6. Satisfy each of the conditions above in an ethically researched, well-reasoned, and persuasive manner that demonstrates your critical thinking and the writing skills developed over the term: a. Includesanoriginaltitlepagewithwordcount(2500-3000wordsisabout8-10double- spaced pages of text) a minimum of 2 relevant images or graphics, and a list of References in APA style. b. Demonstrates the effective use of a narrative (personal story, testimony, or timeline) within the paper. c. Demonstrates the effective use of the other writing strategies (writing patterns and rhetorical appeals) discussed in class and in the course readings. d. Demonstrates ethical use of citation practices through APA in-text citations and an APA list of References.


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