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What information standard(s) should the Department of Defense follow and why?

In this case assignments, you are required to go over the “required” readings available in background material about security standards. You are also encouraged to browse the optional material for other relevant material. When you’ve read the required articles and conducted additional research on the optional readings and other readings you find interesting. What information standard(s) should your company follow and why? Some of security standards available are ISO27002, ISO17799, Rainbow Series, TCSEC, ITSEC, Common Criteria, IETF, GMITS, GASSP, OECD, and the 800-series. Below are some questions for you to think about to help you get started: Select an organization that you want to focus on in this assignment (it could be your own or just any company that you know about). Provide a comprehensive definition of security standards Make sure you refer to ISO17799 (ISO17799 has been replaced by ISO27001 and 27002 but you may refer to ISO17799 since that is the one that has more material available online). What are the most important categories or standards that you would recommend your company to follow and why? In your justification describe the type of company you are referring to. Remember, you do not have to explicitly answer these questions in your assignment. You should think about these questions and then integrate your thoughts into a well-organized answer to the primary question. the first page of your paper, have an introduction, titled as INTRODUCTION, that explains the purpose of the paper (i.e. what will be discussed) and what specific answers will be answered. You can also cover what each of the future paragraphs will address. Have section headings appropriate to what will be discussed or answered in each section. The last section heading should be called Conclusion or Summary. Each paragraph should have a least 1 citation or more especially in the case paper. i.e. where did you derive the discussion from – what reading? You must use all the required readings at least once as a citation; they can be used more than once if appropriate – demonstrate to us that you read all the required readings and can apply them to your writing. Outside sources are welcome and encouraged


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