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Mexico City Political Economy

: Based on our readings and our field work you will produce short papers about a topic from the four main sections of the course. The papers must be an equal combination of readings with citations and bibliography. You should not use outside readings but focus on the assigned readings. Your papers must be at least five, double spaced pages long (Arial, 12 point font with one inch margins) with bibliography (abbreviated list of the assigned readings you used) attached after the written pages. Do NOT quote from the readings, use your own words. Short paper grading rubric: Paper grading rubric (based on syllabus instructions) A level paper: A solid analysis of a chosen topic which utilizes course readings and field work observations in equal parts. The chosen topic is incorporated into one of the 4 main fields of the course: culture/society, politics/economy, urban geography, environment. Excellent use of graphics and illustrations that are appropriate and enhance the analysis in the paper. Citations throughout the paper with a bibliography in the back, mostly referring to the assigned readings. Grammar and spelling are perfect as is the prescribed style of the paper.


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