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Please make it (at least) level 3 science throughout. This is the tutor feedback for contents page, introduction, and the literature review for 5 papers; -You are not at all mentioning any objectives for your review, nor are you commenting on the scope or the methodology you are using. It should become clear in any introduction what the literature review sets out to achieve -Substructure: Your contents list provides a first idea of the structure of your literature review. However, this first idea cannot really be identified here. What exactly are you planning to convey in each of the paragraphs? How are you organising your narrative? Where does it ultimately lead? This is not at all clear. -Underlying science: There is almost no scientific detail contained in this text at all. For this module you need to aim for level 3 science in order to achieve the expected depth of analysis. It needs to be clear, for example, how the BT maize is produced, what kind of genes are involved etc etc. Use of images and diagrams would be expected here. -CRED themes: Other than some reference to Risk there is little on the CRED themes too. In the absence of objectives it is not clear what exactly your aims are, which makes it more difficult to get an idea. -Substantiation: There are many claims that are not supported with any evidence. A literature review by definition needs to provide just such evidence. -References: The five titles you are listing here are relevant, but overall this is a very small body of sources given the advance stage of the presentation. Do you have many more relevant sources available? I’ve attached the contents page, intro and a bit of literature review. Please can you include an abstract and use the contents page headings as guidance for areas to write about. Every lit review and comparison must discuss the science involved. Is a science & society module. 


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