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need a PHILOSOPHICAL PAPER focused on the play “Endgame” (by Samuel Beckett) ..overcoming nihilism and nothingness, (post-) apocalypse, ruins, humor, courage, the continuity of art and humanity. Complementing with ideas gained from modern philosophical analysis as of “On the Marionette Theater” (by Heinrich von Kleist) ..dreaming rightly produces illusions, divine / human knowledge, art against / and nature – Show the thesis and objective at the beginning / introduction of the essay (must be a focused essay from the beginning) – During the essay give at least 4-5 central points of the thesis – Make a conclusion – It is CRUCIAL to support the points with evidence in text references / citations – References should be taken EXCLUSIVELY from the documents provided – References must be indicated in parentheses ..eg “(Beckett 24)” – Please make a PHILOSOPHICAL WORK, not just a resume from sources references Sources references: Endgame (Samuel Beckett) + On the Marionette Theater (Heinrich v


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