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12 point font Times new roman Research and find at least 5 credible sources on a single issue Read and review multiple sources that could be used as support in a position paper on this issue Identify the arguments being made in each of these sources Determine how these arguments relate to eachother: what topics do your sources have in common? Where do they agree, disagree, or diverge in opinion Describe the discussion of your chosen issue in its entirety using your sources as the representative voices on the discussion Prompt: free speech has one again become a subject of debate in America. However, unlike moments in the past, students at colleges have been accused of violating the free speech rights of others, and they have come under severe scrutiny for their roles in shutting down conservative and far-right speakers. Others have asserted their right to protest objectionable and or harmful beliefs. Please examine multiple perspectives on free speech on college campuses for your assignment


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