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Grant Proposal for a Non-Profit Organization_ Rockford Lutheran High School

To successfully obtain private foundation, corporate or government grants, a non-profit must be able to clearly outline its target population, scope of services, near- and long-term sustainability and overall organizational capacity and effectiveness. The executive summary is a concise snapshot of your organization and the project for which you are seeking a grant. It’s your first chance to “pitch” your program. It’s also the page the funder will refer to when evaluating your proposal against the competition. The summary should include: The objective of your program- To provide a better training experience. The population served – 6th grade through 12th grade Student Athletes. The personnel involved in executing the project- Jamison Fausett The amount you are seeking from the funder-$500-$1000 A comparison of the funding you will receive from other sources. 500-800$ from Fundraising efforts. https://simplifaster.com/articles/grant-money-strength-conditioning-program/?fbclid=IwAR0CXwWcqBGHFGRRMaBVH9UDjb5uYxmCSJ9tCPXz3JjsbKKL-3vtR4Cel94


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