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 The goal of your first draft is to receive feedback from your Professor that you are on the right track, display the knowledge you have gained through research and receive specific comments for improvement. Put time into writing and rewriting your first draft to ensure as close to a smooth product as possible. The first draft of the research paper should meet the same format requirements as the final edition so that your Professor can give you appropriate and worthwhile criticism. Length: Approximately 18-25 pages (maps, graphs, and other supporting graphics will not be included in the overall page count). Format: Times New Roman 12 point font Double spaced Suggested that it is organized like a white paper, but that may be modified to fit your particular paper Must contain citations where needed within the body of the paper Must include a References page that lists at least seven resources or interviewees with name, address and phone number APA format From the beginning of your time at Norwich, you have been using the Rubric for Written Assignments as a guide to quality work and an instrument to assess your work. This rubric is relevant to your field study research paper. Your field study work will be assessed on the following: Conceptual understanding and issue identification Critical and effective use of information and resources Organization and presentation of ideas Understanding and effective use of the concept of audience Effective use of language, grammar and APA format


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