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Guidelines AND Assessment Criteria for Written Response Write a two page single-spaced response to one pertinent theme of your choice. Your response should incorporate quotations from the book and cite page numbers in parentheses when necessary. -Make sure you provide a thorough answer/evidence for each major claim or statement you make. -Cite page numbers in parentheses and use direct quotes to support your answer. -Single-space and use 12 point font. -The best responses show that you actually read and engaged with the book rather than surfing the internet. -Your grammar, sentence structure, and paragraph structure are part of your grade. For an answer in the A range: Student writes clearly and with precision; the essay answers is well-developed and provides examples and appropriate analytical detail where necessary; well-articulated with full, grammatically correct sentences. Incorporate quotes and supporting material from text and includes parenthetical references to appropriate page numbers and documentation for outside sources when needed. For an answer in the B range: Student writes clearly and with precision, but needs more development, examples, or analytical detail; answer need to be articulated more clearly; phrasing and grammar need some work. For an answer in the C range: A perfunctory essay; has some potential, but need to be developed more fully and clearly; phrasing and grammar are a significant issue. For an answer in the D range: Essay is poorly articulated or missing key components. No real analysis; reads like a high school book report. Simply repeats the book. Grammar and structure are very deficient. You probably wrote it in 45 minutes before class. For an answer in the F range: A feeble attempt has been made to write a meaningful essay. Analysis and points are simply wrong or incomprehensible (in whole or in part). Lacks any obvious development or analytical structure. You probably did not read the book or waited too long to start.


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