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Research essay on classical schools. Here are few things that can be used in essay. Introduction- Human nature in classical schools, 3 offences- Menslaughter, Robbery , Break and enter. INSTRUCTIONS AND GUIDELINES FOR TERM PAPER The purpose of your term paper is to demonstrate your knowledge of the Classical Schools of Criminology. This will be accomplished through an application of one of these perspectives to information on three offences in Canada (Option 1) or the Dangerous Offender (DO) designation (Option 2). The information I provide you is taken from the Criminal Code of Canada and/or UCR data. Regardless of the option you choose, the first question you will need to address is whether the information is consistent with the Classical or Positive School. This is your primary thesis statement. This document provides a summary of the following:  The general criteria used for grading your term paper.  Detailed instructions for the structure and content of your term paper.  Detailed instructions regarding referencing in your term paper.  A checklist of things to look out for when writing your paper and putting the final product together. General Criteria for Grading Term Paper 1. Appropriate use of outside material; 2. Meets instructions of the Paper Guidelines provided below; 3. Grammar, syntax, spelling, organization; 4. Proper referencing and citations (See Instructions for Referencing in Written Assignments below) Term Paper– 20% of Final Grade Your final paper should be approximately 4 double-spaced pages in length (title page and references are not included). In addition, it must include the following components: 1. Introduction (~ ½ page) 2. Summary of the chosen perspective (~ 1.5 pages) 3. Application of the perspective (~ 1.5 pages)

4. Conclusion (~ ½ page) There are many possible configurations that would earn a high grade on the paper. However, each of these components must be present in the final paper. These components are described in greater detail below. You will be graded based on each of these elements as well as your writing and presentation style. You may use the structure in these guidelines or impose your own, depending on how you decide to approach the paper. 2 Summer 2019 Introduction An introduction describes the purpose of the paper and presents your thesis statement. Generally, it provides a couple of sentences that contextualize your paper and it identifies the perspective that you will apply to your chosen assignment option. It then should include a statement that indicates whether the information is consistent/inconsistent with your perspective (this is your thesis statement). As a result, you may include references pertaining to your chosen perspective here. Introductions for term papers specify the structure of the remainder of the paper (i.e., a road map for how you are going to support your thesis). Summary of the Perspective This part of your paper discusses the major elements (i.e., concepts) of your chosen perspective. For example, if you choose the Classical School perspective in criminology, you will need to discuss the major elements of this perspective, specifically the foundational assumptions (i.e., proportionality, etc.) that you are going to apply to the assignment information. You do not need to present an exhaustive analysis of all elements of the perspective. However, you should include a discussion of all the assumptions that are relevant to the “Application of the Perspective” section (discussed below). In this section you will need to reference your assertions. I require that you use both of the sources that are posted (the textbook and other outside source materials are not to be included). No other references are required for this assignment. Application of the Perspective In this section you apply the elements of your chosen perspective to information provided in the assignment handout . This section will answer the question: how are the elements (discussed in the previous section) of your chosen perspective consistent or inconsistent with the information in the handout? This section requires references for your assertions. However, you are only required to include the references you used in the “Summary of the Perspective” component of your paper. No additional sources are required. This section should be organized thematically. Conclusion This section restates the purpose of your paper. It summarizes the reasoning behind the applicability of your chosen perspective and how this was accomplished. This is often a summary of your “Application of the Perspective” section, and this is one of the reasons it is important to organize your application section thematically. It answers the question: how did you demonstrate the consistency/inconsistency of your chosen perspective? In addition, you may offer some criticisms of your analysis. Conclusions are often difficult to write, and, time permitting, we may discuss this section in more detail. The Instructor has provided 2 sources for the article.and only these sources will be used. 1) Gilbert Geis, Pioneers in Criminology VII–Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832), 46 J. Crim. L. Criminology & Police Sci. 159 (1955-1956) 2) Clarence Ray Jeffery, The Historical Development of Criminology, 50 J. Crim. L. & Criminology 3 (1959-1960) .These are citations of both and you can get the articles if you search for these citations


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