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This case explores the multidimensional nature of pricing goods and services. In short, the LOCOG is asking its pricing policy to satisfy many criteria, some of which run counter to one another. For instance, if Williamson could ignore revenues, maximizing attendance would be trivial. Directions Read the case and then answer the following questions within 2-3 pages (double-spaced.) It is a valuable skill to write concisely, please stay within the page limit. What are the various tradeoffs Williamson faces similar to the example noted above? How might his pricing strategies vary by sport? Use three sports as examples and provide general pricing considerations for each. Based on the case study and chapter 5 of the Ticket Operations text, what are the characteristics of a good pricing plan? What are some tactics that you would you recommend LOCOG do to determine ticket prices considering the challenges faced by Williamson? Please save your assignment as a .doc or .docx file and upload it by clicking the Submit Assignment button at the top of the screen.  #1. Describe the fundamental principles of sports media, sponsorship, licensing, ticketing and product sales.


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