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 Identify one or two scenes or sequences in particular where you think that the editing in the film was especially notable either for enhancing or detracting from the cinematic storytelling. If you think that a given scene or sequence works particularly well, explain in what ways the editing is effective; if you think that a given scene or sequence fails to deliver a narrative moment, or otherwise compromises the movie, discuss how and why you find the editing to be problematic. You should consider breaking a scene down into some of its component shots to examine how the juxtaposition of certain shots interact with each other to deliver a narrative theme; or, conversely, how the shots don’t come together toward a narrative end and what results instead. Be sure to also name the types of cuts that are used. Are there jump cuts in the film? Graphic matches? If so, what impact do these have on the story? Think about the pacing of the movie and the compression of time. How does the narrative progress not only within a scene, but between scenes, and from one sequence to another? Are there pauses or breaks in the action, and what effect do those have for telling the story or creating a connection to characters? Remember that editing lends itself directly to the making of meaning in a film and that such meaning can be at once overt and subtle, conveying both a basic surface meaning, as well as a deeper social, cultural, psychological, or other intellectual meaning. These layered meanings may pertain just to the characters themselves and the story within the film, or they may also point outward, to the world beyond the film. Address any moments of montage that you recognize as transcending the movie itself, and how such examples help or hinder the story.


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