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Use one of the case studies provided below. The first case is about Massimo 56 and the second case is about Reggie, 40. Massimo, 56, is referred to counselling by a social worker at a local hospital. Massimo originates from Italy having arrived in Australia ten years ago. He requested an interpreter for the interview. He has recently been discharged from hospital following a fall downstairs outside of his apartment, where he sustained a head injury. Massimo admits that he smokes marijuana throughout the day, but denies the fall was caused by intoxication. Massimo states he drinks alcohol “on a social basis” and reports rarely exceeding four standard drinks on any one occasion. He denies other drug use and says he doesn’t smoke tobacco unless he is smoking marijuana. Massimo believes he is in control of his marijuana use. Massimo admits that his frequent use of marijuana has “probably” impacted on his ability to work, but says he considers himself retired now. The second case study is Reggie, 40, has come to counselling of his own volition after losing his job. Reggie was employed by a local sporting club as a groundsman. Reggie says that he is an indigenous Australian, whose level of drug use has increased dramatically after he was physically assaulted a year ago. Reggie said he had not told too many people about the assault as the person responsible was well known in town. Reggie said he drinks alcohol to moderate levels, but his main concern was to stop using heroin, which he had started using again after being abstinent from the drug for over 20 years. Reggie said he has felt depressed and occasionally suicidal after the assault, and was concerned that if he continued using heroin, he would probably end up dead. Reggie believes he lost his job because he had too many sick days – which he puts down to heroin use. He is keen to turn his life around with the hope that the club may give him a second chance. The below-marking criteria need to be followed and covered and remember to use headings 1. An assessment and case formulation of the client is provided, specifying the psychosocial needs of the client. 2. Factors that are relevant to the client’s cultural / language background are taken into consideration 3. An appropriate screening tool/s that could be used to assess your chosen client is / are identified 4. The intervention/s that could be used with this client in an initial meeting is described and a rationale for the use of the intervention/s is given. 5. The substance abuse counselling model that could be used is described, along with a rationale for its use. 6. Appropriate referrals that you might make are described, along with a rationale for the referral 7. A brief description of how you might approach relapse prevention is given 8. Case study includes accurate identification of ethical issues


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