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You need to describe the problems of equipment of a lecture hall at a specific university.  You need to compare those problems to how the same problem is handled at one other college campuses or related venue which you need research by yourselves. Also, for this part, you only need to add the comparing part to the paragraph that you describe that problem as a resource. You only need one compare part. You mainly focus on writing the description of these current problems. Only one paragraph is necessary for proposing a specific, realistic plan to implement change based on your research. You must cite the interview and survey into this formal report. You must reference at least one credible secondary sources(you need to find by yourself) in this report. The formal report will be evaluated not only on the problem, research, and recommendations presented but also on your audience analysis. The problems are : (if you feel weak or not enough details or not enough problems, you can make up some possible problems and reasons.) The number of students has increased in the last few years. The arrangement of chairs in three classrooms of Wickson hall does not make sense. Two classrooms have too many chairs. Another classroom, not enough chairs. Too many chairs make each row very close. Unsafe to take quiz and test. It is easy for classmates to see each other answers. It is uncomfortable to sit. Too many chairs make classroom narrow and not that many students for one classroom. Because only three small size classrooms in this hall for discussion and small upper classes with a size of 30 people. The chairs are not fixed. People are moving those chairs make a mess. No printers in those three classrooms. Not convenience. The noise of putting projection screen down was loud and take too much time. The size of the projection screen is too small. The color of the lighting is not well, and it doesn’t have windows in three classrooms. No natural light because inside the hall. Always need to turn on the lights at 3 classrooms. The color of light made people fall in sleep and too yellow.


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