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Determining your learning style can be both beneficial and fun. Go to the VARK website (http://vark-learn.com/introduction-to-vark/the-vark-modalities/) and learn about the four major learning styles: Visual, Aural (Auditory), Read/Write and Kinesthetic. Then take the VARK Questionnaire (http://vark-learn.com/the-vark-questionnaire/). Once you know your style(s) read about the different learning strategies here: Visual Strategies – http://vark-learn.com/strategies/visual-strategies/ Aural Strategies – http://vark-learn.com/strategies/aural-strategies/ Read/Write Strategies – http://vark-learn.com/strategies/readwrite-strategies/ Kinesthetic Strategies – http://vark-learn.com/strategies/kinesthetic-strategies/ Now answer these questions: Was this your first time taking this type of inventory? If no, did your results change from the last time? If so, did your learning style results surprise you? Now that you have identified your learning style, how will you apply this knowledge to your studying? Reflect on the studying strategies you have used previously. Have your study habits been effective? Why or why not? What studying strategies from this week do you think will be helpful? Be sure that your Learning Journal entry is a minimum of 400 words.


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