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Writing Patterns and Styles Objectives Use description appropriately in writing based on purpose and intended audience List guidelines for using description Use narration appropriately in writing based on purpose and intended audience List guidelines for using narration Assignment Overview In this writing assignment, you explore different writing styles. Deliverables A two-page (500-word) essay The essay MUST be in APA format. You will need to create a document (remember, Blackboard is Windows based, so create a .doc, or .docx, or .pdf, or any other windows compatible document). You will need to format that document using the APA rules as covered in week 2 (or use an APA template-most word processing programs offer them) for both the look of the paper and the in text citations and reference page. Step 1 Select a description assignment topic. Describe a problem you are having at work Describe a goal you plan to achieve Describe an event that influenced you Describe the elements that create a satisfying shopping experience, game day, or vacation Step 2 Write a descriptive paragraph Write a descriptive paragraph based on the topic you selected. Step 3 Write a narrative essay. Incorporate your descriptive paragraph into a two-page (500-word) narrative essay. In your essay, refer to the following tips for constructing a successful story: Emphasize details vital to your point Relate events in chronological order Include dialogue


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