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 Remember to use the grading rubric as a guide and the APA helps attached below. The paper will be graded using the grading rubric. The paper must be done according to APA guidelines for all the parts of the paper including but not limited to; title page, running heads, level of headings, in text citations, grammar and spelling, introduction paragraph, conclusion, and reference page. There is no required number of pages for this paper. The idea is to develop the areas in the grading rubric. The paper is to be written in 3rd person, using APA guidelines except in the area of your personal reflection of the book. In this areaonly you can have sentences with “I thought” or statements using “I”. Fadiman APA Paper Submit as a word document. As the student you are responsible to see that your word document is attached to this assignment area. If I cannot open your word document or there is no document attached, you will receive a score of zero for this assignment. Remember to check the Turnitin percentage for this assignment. No assignments will be accepted with a Turnitin percentage greater than 15% and a score of zero will be given for the assignment.


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