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Answer the following questions based on law. 1. Nuisance refers to a type of legal injury that interferes with the use and enjoyment of land. In the case of Gardiner vs Crosstex North Texas Pipeline LLC (Supreme Court of Texas) [I sent this case to your class email]. Summarize this case (give the facts of the case) and what the court ruled and why. Be sure and give a few definitions about nuisance from the case. You can also read your textbook case of Cook vs Sullivan for more information about nuisance. 2. Go through the property chapter in your book and the lecture and find 5 property terms to define. Must be at least 2 sentences each and give an example to support your response. CHILD LABOR LAWS 3. Last year a local grocery store was fined over $20,000.00 because the auditors found over 100 time card violation of 15 year olds working later than the law allows when school is in session the next day. Read the lecture and tell me what hours a 15 year old can work on a school night. 4. An auditor walked into a Subway and noticed a young worker slicing meat on the meat slicer. When the auditor confirmed that the worker was 16 years old, the auditor issued a notice of fine and issued a ticket to Subway. What child labor law did Subway violate and why do you think we have this law? CRIMINAL LAW 5. _____________ is punishable by fine or imprisonment for one year or more. 6. A student (Jane) went to work for a Not for Profit and her boss (Mike) told her to change the number of kids that were coming to the after school program so that the organization could get more federal money. At first, Jane refused but Mike was persuasive and said that more students were indeed coming next week because the tutoring at the local school had ended and he was certain those kids would come to their after school program. Jane changed the numbers and Mike submitted the monthly invoice form. The additional students never came but the extra money was coming from the government based on the submissions. Several months later Jane and Mike were charged with the federal crime of conspiracy to defraud the federal government. Even though Jane never received any money from her actions of changing the numbers, the prosecutor told her she could get 5 years. She pled out for 6 months in a federal prison. Mike blamed the wrong numbers on Jane and he said he relied on her for the correct numbers. Mike received a 4 month sentence. Apply the definition of 1) conspiracy and 2) aiding and abetting to this case. Be sure and define each and explain how each applies to this story. 3) What else did you learn from this true story?


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