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Acceptance of Population Minority Groups


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Minorities have experienced an unpredictable history in the United States, with some eventually becoming part of the mainstream while others continuing to exist in the margins of society. Using the knowledge and discuss the minority groups, compare the various experiences and acceptance of those groups by 1840. Consider the following minority groups as you respond and include an analysis of these two groups. • African-Americans; free blacks and slaves • American Indians Requirements: o Write a three-page paper addressing the struggles of minority groups during the 1840’s, more specifically the African American & American Indians during this time period and how accepted they were among the white population at this time. o include an introduction and thesis statement, a body, a conclusion. o Do not rely on personal or published opinions that denote value. All information presented must be backed with scholarly, peer-reviewed references. • Use Credible Sources: You should incorporate a minimum of two credible, academic sources and peer-review articles. • Please use at least one primary source from those primary sources identified in the syllabus. These sources must be referenced on the required References slide/frame. • Format: APA Format.


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